An All-Natural Evidence-Based Solution To Crush Cravings & Help You Lose More Belly Fat—WITHOUT Being Frustrated, Sabotaged, OR Hungry All The Time

Hey it's Joel, and if you've ever struggled with intense food cravings or nagging hunger pangs while dieting—today's true story will inspire you like no other.

You see, one of my favorite things to do in life is to eat—a lot. I crave Chipotle™ for lunch. I crave delicious full-course meals and fine dining at my favorite restaurants at night. I crave my favorite desserts. Bananas Foster anyone?

What else can I say? I love food. LOVE it!

Of course, as a Co-Founder of BioTrust and a mindful Fitness Professional, this can come with some undesirable consequences—the main one being excessive calorie intake, which leads to unwanted, unattractive pounds of belly fat hanging around my waistline.

It All Started Going Downhill Back In 2012…

It all started going downhill back in 2012 when my partner Josh Bezoni and I started this amazing company, not really having any clue where it would take us over the next months and years. BioTrust quickly became a huge success, growing from 8 employees to over 100 virtually overnight, and now to more than 250 team members working daily to serve nearly 1 million loyal customers like you.

But it didn't come without a price. I was working 12- to 16-hour days and pulling all-nighters, which led to intense cravings for unhealthy food. At the same time, my first daughter Lily was just one year old, and before long we had a second little girl, Gabrielle. Between work and family obligations, making healthy food choices took a back seat.

My cravings and hunger were so uncontrollable I started stress eating and stopped prioritizing healthy food. And slowly but surely, over the course of the next 3 years, those first 10 pounds turned to 20, leading eventually to me waking up one morning not even recognizing myself in the mirror… 50 pounds overweight.

What An Embarrassment For Someone Who Was Supposed To Be Helping The World Get Fit & Improve Their Health…

For sure, I had hit an all-time low with my own health, but it was that low that triggered something inside me that said “enough is enough.” I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was tired of work and food controlling my life. I needed to get back in control of my dietary habits and my appetite. I needed to be in the driver's seat of my own life again.

I can't best serve you as our valued reader and customer without living by example. I can't be the best father and take care of my girls and family without first taking care of myself. And that was the turning point. Too many people were counting on me to be there for a long, vibrant life, and I had to stop letting them down.

And while of course it's never easy to break the chains of our bad food habits, I was able to achieve my goals much faster with the help of our brand-new weight management, appetite-controlling super formula.

Fact is, this product has been over a year in the making, and it addresses the #1 obstacle that's been holding so many of us back from REALLY achieving weight-loss success and the body we deserve and desire. In fact, double-blind, placebo-controlled, peer-reviewed research has shown the key ingredients in this powerful formula can help crush cravings, improve appetite control, reduce emotional eating, and support healthy eating habits.1

Can you imagine steady weight loss WITHOUT being frustrated, sabotaged, or hungry all the time?

Please read every word included below, and if you're as excited about this brand-new breakthrough craving-reducing formula as I am, I urge you to act quickly, as it could just be the tipping point and difference maker for taking your body and health to a whole new level—just like it was for me.

Over 1.9 BILLION people world-wide are overweight and desperately wanting to trim off those unwanted, unattractive pounds.2 Even worse, did you know that research shows that, at best, 80% of people who attempt to lose weight will FAIL, and fail miserably?3 The numbers aren't pretty, and when looking at statistics like these, it almost seems that if you're overweight today, then you're doomed to be overweight for life…

Until now…

You see, to solve any problem, you first have to identify the underlying reason causing it – and then address it head on. And when it comes to your previously failed weight-loss efforts, I KNOW from my own real-life experience the REAL reason why so many have struggled to lose that unwanted flab over and over again:

Simply put, you get hungry, you have cravings, and you give in. That's it.

Been there. Done that. Sure, we can try to overcomplicate it, but the truth is this: as a nation we regularly eat more calories than we burn, and those pesky cravings are the cause.

You see, we all start diets with the best intentions, but by mid-day on the very first day, our stomachs are growling and we reach for something to satisfy the craving. And it happens again… and again… and again… until eventually we give up and lose hope. Why torture ourselves hour after hour only to see the scale stay the same day after day? I wondered the same thing.

On the other hand, if we could somehow keep our appetites satisfied and stomachs feeling full, it'd be much easier to eat less and lose flab… after all, it's not hard to eat fewer calories when you're not hungry, right?

Well, I've got good news… scratch that, GREAT news…

You see, you can actually “trick” your body into thinking your stomach is full when you learn to control your body's two primary appetite-regulating signals: ghrelin and two of your body's most important appetite-regulating signals: ghrelin and serotonin.

First up, ghrelin, the “hunger hormone” that stimulates your appetite.4 Go on a diet and ghrelin levels skyrocket.5 Before long, your stomach is growling and you're experiencing some pretty intense cravings and hunger pangs, particularly for sugar and other simple carbs. Sure, willpower may last a few hours, but sooner rather than later, you're gonna break. We all do and I'm living proof of that.

Serotonin, however, works in opposition to ghrelin. It's the primary neurotransmitter responsible for telling your body that you're full and satisfied.6,7

In the end, if you can keep ghrelin at bay while increasing serotonin, you can trick your body into thinking you're full, even when eating fewer calories. The ultimate result? You naturally and almost effortlessly eat less, all while helping your body steadily lose more stubborn fat.

And here's the BEST news: what I just described is exactly what our brand-new, appetite-controlling super formula CraveFix 96™ was designed to do through its synergistic blend of highly effective research-backed ingredients.

How does this appetite-controlling super formula help you eat less and quickly lose belly fat?

Let's quickly take a look…

First up is an extremely unique and highly specialized saffron extract known as SaffaTrim™. This powerful extract has been shown through research to elevate levels of serotonin in the brain, signaling satiety, increasing feelings of fullness, and reducing cravings in an incredible way.

Just how incredibly powerful is SaffaTrim when it comes to curbing cravings and controlling appetite? In a recent 16-person, double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot study, each of the participants supplementing with SaffaTrim reported significantly reduced hunger and their daily food intake. On the other hand, the placebo group showed NO improvements in hunger, appetite control, or food intake.8

How does that translate into real-world results? In just 4 short weeks, the SaffaTrim group lost, on average, 3 ½ more pounds compared to those not consuming SaffaTrim.

Moreover, in a second landmark 8-week study published in the renowned journal Nutrition Research, French researchers found that SaffaTrim supplementation in healthy overweight women was shown to result in:1

*Significantly LESS snacking (compared to the non-SaffaTrim group)
*A substantial 84% decrease in appetite, and
*A dramatic 78% reduction in cravings for sweets

In fact, according to the researchers, “[SaffaTrim] caused an indisputable reduction of snacking frequency over the 8-week supplementation, gradually decreasing up to 2-fold relative to baseline.”

Talk about craving-conquering, appetite-controlling, fat-fighting results!

Even better, unlike many supplements that lose their effectiveness over time, the participants supplementing with SaffaTrim reported increased effectiveness with continued use during this second, 8-week clinical trial. In other words, the longer they used it, the more profound the effects of SaffaTrim became! Now that's something to get excited about!

The next ingredient included in this appetite-regulating super formula is Vitamin D3, shown to be up to 3xs more effective at elevating Vitamin D levels within the body compared to the common plant-derived Vitamin D2.9 Why does this matter? You see, research has shown that low Vitamin D levels are correlated with significantly higher levels of ghrelin and increased hunger, while higher Vitamin D levels help to keep the diet-sabotaging “hunger hormone” ghrelin at bay.10

Not only that, but numerous studies have also found that adding this superior form of Vitamin D to a healthy weight-loss plan leads to more fat loss, lower body fat, and more inches lost.11-14 In fact, a recent double-blind study published in the Nutrition Journal profoundly confirmed this when participants supplementing with 1000 IU/day of Vitamin D3 (the exact amount contained in each serving of CraveFix 96) for 12 weeks lost significantly MORE fat than those not receiving this potent fat-burning vitamin.14

The third and final ingredient in this blockbuster craving-crushing blend is ZestaSorb™ Naringin, a compound found in very small amounts in grapefruits and other citrus fruits. When taken in higher amounts, however, like found in CraveFix 96, ZestaSorb has been shown to enhance insulin sensitivity and the uptake of carbohydrates into muscles to be used as energy (instead of being stored as fat).

Not only that, but ZestaSorb has also been shown to increase the production of adiponectin, a critically important metabolism- and appetite-regulating hormone, which also enhances fat burning.15,16

And last but not least, through its unique properties ZestaSorb, helps to increase the absorption of both SaffaTrim and Vitamin D3, making this already powerful formula even more potent.

So what does all of this mean to you? It means that with the help of these 3 premium, research-backed ingredients and their powerful hormone-regulating properties, you can increase your body's levels of the “fullness factor” neurotransmitter, serotonin, while at the same time reducing your body's nightmare “hunger hormone,” ghrelin.

The end result? You control your appetite, dramatically reduce cravings, consume fewer calories, and ultimately burn more fat – all without the struggle, feeling like you're “starving,” and the all too common hunger pangs of traditional dieting.

The fact is this:

I know from firsthand experience that cravings are the death of any weight-loss plan!

You can try to withstand them on your own, but that's a painful, very unlikely path to the head-turning body that you truly desire. You've been there. I've been there. It didn't work then, and it won't work now.

So what will make this time different? What will be the “game changer” that writes a new story for you this time around like it did for me?

Simply put, I knew I needed help just like you need help to overcome the strangling hold that hunger and cravings have on even your best intentions—we all do—and that's what CraveFix 96 was scientifically created to do. In fact, here at the office we call it “willpower in a bottle,” and for good reason:

Losing fat can be a heck of a lot easier and much more enjoyable with CraveFix 96 than without it.

It's also important to know that CraveFix 96 is the only product in the world to contain these 3 specialized craving-conquering, appetite-controlling super ingredients in the exact amounts shown to be effective in research, and that the ONLY place you can buy CraveFix 96 is direct through BioTrust.

To begin experiencing the premium weight-management, craving-annihilating benefits of brand-new CraveFix 96 for yourself, simply choose your money-saving package on this page, and then click Add to Cart.

And of course, like with all BioTrust products, you're always protected by our industry-best 365-day satisfaction guarantee, where you can get a refund of even empty bottles if for any reason you aren't satisfied. Are we crazy? No, we're just so incredibly confident that you will see and experience the appetite-controlling, craving-reducing effects of CraveFix 96 that we want to make it an absolute no-brainer for you to try it right now.

Again, this breakthrough, just-released product is currently only available from BioTrust. Act now to secure your savings on this hunger-crushing, craving-conquering supplement now and avoid the disappointing results that come from traditional weight loss plans.

Remember, if I can do this—with my insane work schedule, travel schedule, and family life—anyone can do it. Anyone. And that means you. You can change, just like I did.

You just need to have the right tools, like CraveFix 96, in your weight-management toolbox!


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